Hi everybody!

My name is Sebastian and I am a self-employed, graduated artist (Diplom-Designer (FH)) from Germany. As most members of the human species I have been born (of course…), raised, socialized and educated. Now I’m grown up and ready to work – or whatever you would like to call that thing homo sapiens does when it is not sleeping, eating, breeding or doing stupid things for no reason.

Apropos work:
After study I rediscovered my musical roots and got involved in the Metal and Rock music business quite quickly. I’ve always tried and always try to emphazise a bands unique vibe and therefor creating an individual visual
theme – be it a cover artwork, a new logo, a booklet layout, a fancy t-shirt or poster design, be it analog or digital – that’s why my art is very versatile in style. This ability also enables me to take part in all kind of projects from all varieties of harder guitar based music – which is particularly a lot of fun.
Please drop me a line through the link below if you have a project you’d like to discuss or to request any further information.


Contact: mail(at)sebastianjerke.de
tel > +49 (0)251 / 395 41 90
mob > +49 (0)162 / 432 48 62